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Suomma is the leading platform for real estate investing in Spain. We support our investors through their investment journey: search, financing, purchase, property management and sale. We work with both individual and professional investors.


Before Suomma, no platform allowed investors to obtain detailed financial and qualitative information about real estate investments while making the transaction itself seamless and cost-effective. With Suomma you can now make an educated decision on your real estate investment with the proper information and with little time spent on the transaction. Through Suomma, you can make viewings, run numbers, get transparent and immediate advice, make an offer and manage your property from your computer. Suomma makes the attractive financial benefits of real estate investing – passive income via rental and appreciation potential of the property – available to a much wider audience that can now invest in properties over a much broader geographical area than previously possible.

Our investors choose to work with us for several reasons: our analytical skills in identifying profitable investment opportunities, our access to off-market properties, our reduced fees and our experience investing-renovating-renting. In short, they choose us for facilitating investments with an attractive risk-return balance with little effort and cost.

None, buying a property with Suomma is just like traditionally buying real estate.

No, unlike many traditional real estate agents Suomma does not have a portfolio of properties that we need to sell. We can evaluate any real estate asset on the market, and we will offer on our platform all those assets for sale that meet our investment criteria regardless of who is selling them.

Suomma charges a commission when a property is purchased, that varies depending on the level of service requested. Our fees are aligned to the incentives of our investors and we only earn money when you make your investment.

When hiring us we would

– Search, view and analyze properties that meet your investment objectives

– Estimate potential rents, appreciation and repairs 

– Connect you to independent selected partners at each step of the road: financing, repairs, accounting, notary, lawyers…

– Manage the transaction  – you’ll get constant support throughout the process

– Recommend the reform that optimizes the return on investment

– Supervise the execution of reform, furnishing and decoration works

– Find the best local partner to manage the rental of the property

Your investment

We have access to more than 850,000 real estate assets publicly for sale in Spain, but we also have relationships with hundreds of local real estate agents that give us access to off-market opportunities. In addition, we buy extensive databases with information on sale prices and rentals at a very granular level that, together with our real estate experience, allows us to identify the best investments available in each region.

For us, a good investment opportunity is one that meets:

  • A discounted sale price: we only choose properties that we know are priced below comparable properties that are being sold in the area. We want to ensure that the purchase itself has value before even evaluating the rental yield.
  • A superior rental yield: We identify properties that, due to their location or their characteristics, generate exceptional returns in short, medium or long-term rental markets.

On the other hand, to feel safe with the investment, we seek to understand the risks well by answering questions such as: are there charges or hidden defects in the property? Is there budget stability in the community of owners? Is the area good for our investment thesis? Is there a possibility of any regulatory change that will impact the rental business?…

We analyze rental data (prices, occupancy, seasonalities,…) from tens of competing properties in the same street or neighborhood, to then identify what is a safe comparable that generates a rental income that we believe in a conservative scenario. We only invest in properties that we know have growing demand.

There are many reasons why an owner sells at a discount, from personal or financial reasons, or simply because the property has an opportunity to appreciate due to renovation. There are also constant changes in rental demand that create temporary opportunities to generate a high return before property prices grow with those changes in demand.

  • Net yield: the annual return on investment calculated as: annual rental income – utilities – property management costs – basic maintenance – community fees – property taxes / (purchase price + repairs). 
  • Net income: the difference between your gross rental income and your rental costs. The formula is: rental income – utilities – property management costs – basic maintenance – community fees – property taxes
  • Total project cost: total amount you will spend on purchasing the property. It includes: purchase price + transaction taxes + repairs + Suomma fees
  • Return on capital employed: that’s the real return on the investment you should look at. It compares how much you’ve actually made on this project (net capital growth) and the money you’ve actually taken out of your pocket for this investment (down payment + cumulative net income).

Notwithstanding unexpected expenses, the list should be:

  • Purchasing price of the property
  • Taxes and notary fees 
  • Suomma and agency fees (when applicable)
  • Renovation and/or furnishing
  • Property manager fees

Yes, our net yield factors in every initial cost, including our fees

There are a series of risks that as a real estate investor you always have to assess when making your investments. At Suomma we will help you identify them for each asset and value them so that you can make an informed decision. Some of the key factors to assess in the risk analysis are:

– Macroeconomic trends

– Risks related to each particular asset 

– Liquidity, leverage and financial costs

– Competition from new real estate assets

Property transaction

The process is as follows:

  • You make an offer on a property and we help you with the negotiation
  • Our team comes back to you within 48h with a confirmation that your offer has been accepted/rejected
  • You sign a binding pre-purchase agreement and a partial deposit is paid to the seller
  • You secure your financing 
  • Notary purchase agreement to formalize the transaction

A member of our team with years of experience valuing real estate assets makes a visit to the property. In this visit, a verification of more than 100 key points of the property is carried out. We seek to identify potential or hidden risks, in order to assess them before making the purchase decision. The result of the visit is a detailed report, images and videos of the property so that our investor has all the information that is needed to make an informed purchase decision.

Suomma does not offer financing, but we can help you design a strategy to obtain financing.

Yes, you can. There is some additional paperwork that needs to be completed, but we can help you with it.

Property renovation

An interior designer and one (or more) refurbishment companies will carefully view the property and provide you with a renovation proposal with a closed budget. The amount displayed on the listing is indicative and will not be definitive until the budget is created and approved..

At Suomma we know the type of renovation that is necessary to maximize the return for the investor. We know what makes sense to invest in and what doesn’t. We know what materials, decoration and furniture items are more profitable to use for a rental property. We can also supervise the execution of the works and help with all the decisions that must be made during the development of the renovation.

Property management

There are 3 main types of rental:

  • Residential / long term rentals: usually generates 2-5% net return for the investor, rentals >1 year and stable income is obtained
  • Seasonal / Med term rentals: generates net returns of 5%-8% on average, 1-11 months rentals and in premium locations or student areas.
  • Vacation / Short term rentals: 6% – 10% net returns, rentals < 31 days and with variable net income according to seasonality

Our clients can decide which option they prefer: you can decide to manage your property on your own, you can trust us to manage your property or you can hire an independent property manager

Most agencies are experts in property management. They can be of very good use if you don’t have the knowledge, time or geographic possibility to manage your property on your own. Looking for and managing tenants, handling contracts, repairs, insurances… property management agencies are an easy way to make your life easier. Generally, the occupancy and rates and net yields are higher than those that can be achieved by an inexperienced or with little resource individual.

Our partners

If your business activity is listed below, we would love to work with you!

  • Real estate agency
  • Repairs and refurbishment company
  • Retail bank 
  • Mortgage broker
  • Accounting firm
  • Professional photographer
  • Lawyers
  • Notary firms

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