The platform that helps you generate an attractive passive income

How we help our investors throughout their investment journey

We leverage the power of technology to achieve high performing returns

Market data collection

We collect data from thousands of sources to identify assets selling at a discount or local spikes in rental markets where rental revenue can be very attractive.

Smart renovations that optimize return on investment

We heavily use data to understand how a renovation can influence rental or sale prices, so that you only invest on what tenants or buyers really value.

Rental pricing optimization

We execute data analytics on rental markets to understand how to maximise revenue per night/week/month while keeping occupancy rates high. 

Our experience and partners

Suomma’s team, partners and advisory board have deep experience in technology, real estate, finance and consulting. We are bringing the best talent and best partners to deliver the best experience to all our investors
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Properties we have access to. From online and offline sources.
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Real Estate agencies we can collaborate with
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Properties renovated or built by our partners in the past years

Property management at your fingertips

With Suomma’s property management technology, you can easily manage your property via our mobile app. You can review property usage, monthly finances or chat with your personal property manager

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