How to invest and generate outstanding returns

Real Estate agent relationships

The best investment opportunities are captured by investors that have a close relationship with real estate agents. Those are never listed on RE portals like Idealista

Property renovations

New or recently renovated properties generally bring a pricing premium. High return investment opportunities in most cases require a renovation. Renovation execution is key to keep costs and timelines under control

Property management

Superior guest experience (e.g. 5 star reviews) are critical to high occupancy rates. Top property managers have a significant impact in rental revenue

Data analytics

Highest rental yield assets are only identified using large sets of transaction and rental data. Advanced analytics are critical to maximizing occupancy rates and pricing

Why should you invest in Buy to Let

Some of the benefits retail and professional investors have found in Buy to Let, a growing investment trend

Passive income

Generate €500 to €2,000 per month per property invested - hands off, fully passive

Hard assets

Unlike stocks or other financial assets, this is an investment you can touch and trust.

Attractive returns

When buying the right property, investing in Buy to Let can generate outstanding returns compared to other investment types

Why should you invest now

A hedge against inflation

Inflation is currently eroding your savings. Rental income can put you on the right side of income. 

Vacation Rentals are growing exponentially

Demand for AirBnB and other vacation rentals has grown 45% in the last 12 months, with revenue per property in top locations growing by 55%

The Seasonal Rental opportunity with Digital Nomads and Flexible Work

Seasonal rentals are growing faster than supply in selected locations, allowing up to 2x higher returns vs residential rentals.

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