Investing in Real Estate to grow your wealth safely and easily

We help you find, finance, renovate and manage safe and profitable Buy-to-Let real estate investments

I want to invest in Real Estate but...

"I don't always have time to visit properties and find the perfect investment"

"I am not fully sure if the property is free of charges or hidden defects"

"I don't know how to renovate a property"

"I want my property to generate enough revenue to pay itslef"

"I fear guests may damage my property"

"I don't want to spend time maintaining the property"

Your real estate investment with Suomma

We bring the expertise and do all the time consuming work

We identify top properties

  • High rental revenue
  • Off market properties
  • Property Due Diligence

We manage renovations

  • Build investment project
  • Hire the best renovations team
  • Oversee renovation execution locally

We manage rentals

  • Long, mid and short term rental opportunities
  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Guests management

Why should you invest in Vacation Homes

  • Protect your savings against inflation Your investment grows as prices increase
  • Leverage your investment The mortgage pays for the property, the property pays for the mortgage
  • High yield opportunities Benefit from the lack of liquidity of vacation markets and make a high return on investment
  • A refuge value Diversify your investments with one of the safest asset clases
  • An investment you can also enjoy A property that can also be used by family or friends
  • A passive income Invest in gaining financial freedom

Our projects

  • Dedicated interior designer
  • The best local constrution managers
  • Renovation project to maximize rental yield
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Execution supervised by Suomma

2 bedroom, €450k, Estepona
8% yield | €3,000/month

3 bedroom, €300k, Mallorca
7% yield | €1,750/month

2 bedroom, €250k, Benidorm
18% one year buy sell spread

modern-house 1

Buy a fraction of your dream second home

Find your dream second home within our selection of properties in top locations

dividends 1

Share the cost with 7

Only pay for 1/8 of the property price and 1/8 of the operating expenses

tools 1

Enjoy or rent your home 44 days a year

Come to your holiday or simply let us know if you want to rent it, we’ll do the rest!

tools 2

Forget about property management

Something broke or want to rent out you property? We take care of all the boring and manual work!

Construye los recuerdos de tu vida

En Samma estamos reinventando la propiedad de una segunda vivienda y creando una experiencia de propietario excepcional, para que pueda empezar a enriquecer su vida ahora

Featured homes

Owner testimonials

Property management at your fingertips

With Suomma’s property management technology, you can easily manage your property via our mobile app. You can review property usage, monthly finances or chat with your personal property manager

Matt & Sarah

Home Owners of an apartment in Mijas

“We use Airbnb a lot but it hasn’t allowed us to create lifelong memories with our kids in one place. We decided to buy shares and we enjoy our property now”

Julia & John

Home owners of a beach view apartment in Formentera

“I bought a beach house in Bidart to be able to recharge my batteries whenever I feel like it. There’s plenty to discover in the region.”


Home Owners of a property Marabella

“I was looking for a place where I could invest my money. It turned out co-ownership has great ROI. I enjoy holiday in Marbella when I feel like it. Otherwise I make money on renting and can sell my shares.”

Frequently asked questions

Have questions you want answers to?

We basically select properties that have the opportunity to generate above average rental yields and that are sold at a discount vs market prices. We then execute a 100 point property verification to ensure it is a secure investment.

Our investor community has chosen us as investment advisor because we significantly reduce the risk of investing in real estate: we are able to bring attractive off market opportunities that are difficult to find, we analyse data like institutional investors, we bring deep local expertise and we leverage an extensive network of local partners.

On top of that we take care of all the time consuming work in the investment journey, so our investors truly benefit from generating a passive income.

Schedule an intro call with our team. We will have the chance to learn about you and the type of investment you want to make. We will also be able to share how we work and the types of investment opportunities we can bring.

Would you be interested in joining our investor community?

Schedule a free introductory chat to learn about your investment idea and how we can help you in that journey.

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