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How SPV co-ownership works

We’ve modernized and simplified the decades-old practice of DIY co-ownership. Watch our video to learn how owning property in a fully managed LLC allows you to enjoy the benefits of second home ownership without all the hassles.

What is the process of owning a property with Suomma?

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1. Choose your dream holiday home

Review our choice of high quality properties in beautiful destinations.

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2. Contact our Property Advisors

Learn everything about your favourite property, the location and the Suomma owner experience.

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3. Buy your share from home

Once you are ready to buy, we will send you the purchase contract that you can sign from home.

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4. Enjoy or rent your home

You are ready to enjoy your property! Book your first weeks or let us know if you would like to get an extra income via renting your time.

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5. We do all maintenance & management

We take care of paying the bills, maintenence work, renting your property and cleaning after your stay.

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6. Sell your share whenever you want

You set the price and we help you sell your share in our marketplace. It generally takes just a few weeks!

Our services

Renovation and furnishing

We take care of property renovations and interior design to ensure you fully enjoy your new property from day 1

Concierge service

Each home has a designated Suomma concierge, available for you to make the most out of each stay

Swap properties

Take advantage of our network of properties in top destinations by swaping weeks with other owners

Renting unused nights

Make the most out of your Real Estate investment by renting out unused days

The easiest way to manage your property

With Suomma’s property management technology, you can easily manage your property via our mobile app. You can book time, review the property finances, chat with your personal property manager or manage other services like renting out your time

Soumma owner stories:

Matt & Sarah

Own 2 shares in a beach apartment in Estepona

“We used Airbnb a lot but it didn’t allow us to create lifelong memories with our kids in one place. We decided to buy our own property with Suomma and fully enjoy it for a few years.”

Astrid & Lars

Own 3 shares in a new development in Benahavís

“We bought a property in Benahavís to be able to spend a few weeks and months every winter in Spain. We wanted to have a place to scape from the cold winter in Sweden.”


Own 4 shares of an appartment in Marabella

“I had some savings and I was looking for a Real Estate investment. It turned out co-ownership has great ROI. I enjoy holiday in Marbella when I feel like it, otherwise I make money on renting out my time.”

Better than a timeshare, renting or buying a full home

  • Suomma
  • Buying 100% of a second home
  • Renting a vacation home
  • Buying a timeshare
Benefits SuommaBuying 100% of a second homeRenting a vacation homeBuying a timeshare
A real estate investment with potential upside
Enjoy a dream home at a fraction of the price
A second-home you can own for many years
No need to worry about property management or cleaning
Hassle free property purchase: fast paperwork, fully furnished and brand new
Potential rental income if you desire, with the click of a button
Swap unused time with other owners
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Fair and transparent scheduling system

Our booking rules have been developed to ensure flexibility, fairness and ease of use. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy your home during the times that matter to you most.

1/8 shares
2/8 shares
3/8 shares
4/8 shares
Number of weeks / year
Number of peak weeks

Total number of peak nights may vary per location, but in many cases it corresponds to 8 weeks in July and August

Tradeable weeks with others

Because not every owner uses their peak weeks every year

Long booking window

From 7  day to 2 year booking window

Rental of unused weeks

To help you maximise the value of your investmenr

Real Example - Vegard's family

Vegard (38 years old) lives in Oslo with his family of four. Sophia and her husband both have flexible jobs at tech companies and two kids aged 4 and 1.

After spending a few weeks looking for options with one of our personal consultants, they selected Marbella. It is one of the trendiest towns and its property market holds exceptional value, with prices rising above 40% in the last five years.

A €100,000 investment got them legal ownership of 12.5% of the property and guaranteed 6 weeks of relax at their private villa in Marbella worth €800,000.

The best part: their purchase process took 1 month, and they have dedicated zero time to property management.

They have already planned their holidays this year and will travel to Marbella 3 times: 3 weeks in March, 2 weeks in June and one week at the end of August. 

Exemplary Vegard's Marbella home worth 800k

Overall ownership cost

€100,000 / share

Purchase price breakdown:

1/8 Property price


Taxes, Legal and closing


Home upgrades, Suomma fee


Total Investment


Monthly charges per share

€180 / share

We take care of everything:
  • Maitenance, Renting our & Cleaning
  • Property Tax&Bills
  • All other costs included

*Guaranteed maximum charge for property management.

Income potential yearly

€4,800 / share

+4.2% potential value gain*

**Based on the representative group of 418 vacational second home located in Costa del Sol price changes in the last 10 years.

Get clear answers to your questions

"Our family is our priority but it was becoming increasingly difficult to welcome everyone in our main residence. That is why we decided to purchase two shares of a Suomma home, so we could spend more time together"

Sergio & Sofia, Madrid

Because buying a second home is not a decision to be taken lightly, our team is available to answer all your queries. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Yes, as a Suomma owner you don’t only have the right to use the property, you also have ownership of the property. For each property, we set up a SL (Spanish limited liability company) that directly owns the property, and then Suomma owners own all the shares of the SL.

Not very different. We follow a very similar legal process to the standard home purchase process. We always work and partner with local real estate agents and notaries on every property transaction.

You book time using our Suomma platform, which is powered by an Artificial Intelligence scheduling system that tries to allocate the time from every co-owner as fair as possible. For more details on how it works, go to the Scheduling FAQ section.

Home operating costs, such as property management, maintenance, taxes and repairs, are passed along directly to owners transparently with no markup. Costs are shared pro rata. Owners pay an additional monthly fee which covers limited company oversight, ongoing owner support, and the technology that enhances your owner experience.

Suomma manages all aspects of homeownership, including: direct property management, or choosing and overseeing the property management company in select markets; maintaining the limited company and resolving any disputes between owners or the municipality; continually innovating and improving our digital technology to help homeowners schedule more efficiently; renting out the property when any owner wants to exchange time for money

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