What is the mission of a Home Manager?

Possibly you have heard about this figure, but do not know very well how it can help you. Well, take note of all the aspects that are part of his work and, if you own a second home through Suomma or if you are thinking of acquiring one, at the end of this article you will be convinced that you can not live without him.

The relationship between a Suomma client and one of our Home Managers starts the moment the owners acquire the property. He is in charge of the “home onboarding” or what is the same, welcoming the new owners, showing them around the property, the surroundings and solving all the doubts they may have about the house and the area where it is located.

But the work of a Home Manager goes much further; they are in charge of supporting the co-owners in everything they need. They are in charge of managing the schedules so that each family can enjoy the home in a fair and equitable manner.

In addition, the Home Manager also manages any request that each owner may have to make your stay during the time that corresponds is perfect and, of course, is responsible for all matters that have to do with the maintenance of housing whether at that time is inhabited or not. In short, a Home Manager is something like that trusted person who will look after your well-being and that of your home.

A professional dedicated to looking after your home when you are thousands of miles away and taking care of you when you are there. Who wouldn’t want to live with the peace of mind of knowing that their second home is protected and well cared for at any time of the year?

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