How to rent my second residence if I don’t use it

Having a second home is a real relief that helps us to disconnect and change of scenery whenever we feel like it, but let’s not fool ourselves. Having a second home is also an investment that, sometimes, is an effort for those who own it. One way to get a return on this investment is to rent it when you aren’t enjoying it.

Making our house available to those who are interested in spending a few days of vacation is a very good option to make our second home profitable when we aren’t using it.

If the idea of renting your second home sounds good to you, don’t forget to reflect in the rental contract all the necessary aspects to make this process much easier for everyone:

  • It establishes the exact dates of entry and exit of the tenants, as well as the times when they may enter the house and when they are obliged to leave it.
  • Reflect certain rules: whether or not you allow pets, barbecues in the garden in case your second home has one… Collect all those activities that you wouldn’t like to be developed in your home and that could deteriorate the property.
  • Stipulate a security deposit, so that if the tenants cause any kind of damage you can cover the repair with that amount.

These are just some of the things you need to consider if you’re ready to rent out your second home. Too many, right? Don’t worry! The good news is that if you have your second home with us, Suomma will take care of everything. You just tell us the days when your house will be available for rent. This way our agents will look for the perfect tenants and our Home Manager will be in charge of receiving them, show them the facilities, take care of any needs they may have… You won’t have to worry about anything!

At Suomma we know that for you your second home is synonymous with peace and tranquility and we want it to remain that way even when you are not enjoying it. We take care of everything so you can dedicate yourself to what you really like, we take care of you and your home!

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