How is the relationship between Suomma co-owners who don’t know each other?

Acquiring a property in a fractional manner obviously implies that you will share your second home with other co-owners who, like you, will be able to enjoy it. And, of course, they will also have responsibilities over it and will be responsible for their share of the expenses that the property may generate.

If, as we told you in a previous article, you have decided to buy a property with friends and family, the relationship with them will be much more fluid and close. But what happens when the other co-owners of the property are people you do not know?

In Suomma we make sure that the communication and relationship between the co-owners of the different properties is as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we provide all of them with an application through which they can communicate, book the days they want to enjoy the property, notify any type of incident … In this way the co-owners will always be aware of everything that happens in their second home and can keep control over it.

In addition, through this App the co-owners can chat directly with their Home Manager, a professional who is in charge of managing the property and who has direct and frequent contact with all the co-owners of the property. The Home Manager is the link between the different co-owners and will be in charge of making sure that all of them can enjoy the property when it corresponds to them, and will keep them informed of everything that happens in relation to their second home.

The communication system that we use in Suomma through the App allows co-owners and the Home Manager to have total control of the management of the property since everything is recorded on the platform. In this way, the co-owners avoid endless meetings and different dynamics associated with this type of activities that do nothing more than ” steal” time and add worries to the day to day.

Thanks to this system we make it possible for co-owners to have only one thing in mind: enjoy their second home without any headaches. We make it easy for you!

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