Having Suomma manage your property

Your second home should be a place to relax and enjoy without having to worry about the logistics around home chores like keeping the garden, paying the bills or repairing a broken pipe. Suomma offers fully managed properties. 

But what does that really mean? We give you the dream experience of owning a second home, enjoy all the benefits of ownership without all the hassles. 

We do this in many ways

Stylish interior design and furnishings

Preparing your second home can be time-consuming and costly, so we make sure your home is ready for living from day one. Our goal is to provide you with a second home that is both stylish and functional. Our team selects each home and makes sure it fits our standards of modern furnishings, decoration and accessories that complement the home’s architectural style and layout. We balance modern design with comfort to create livable luxury. All owners should feel as comfortable in their second home as they do in their primary residence. 

In addition to furnishings, homes are fully equipped with all the essentials and more. We select high-quality linens, cookware and home electronics. Preparing for a stay at your second home should be as easy as packing a few clothes and toiletries, because everything else you need is already there waiting for you. 

Great cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining a second home from another location can be a challenge, and once you’re in the home, you don’t want to spend the vacation fixing things, so Suomma takes care of them for you. After each owner’s stay, the home is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, and any maintenance issues are resolved. We set aside money for long-term and unexpected (but inevitable) issues that can come up at any home, such as replacing an appliance. We supply all items related to the home facilities such as, light bulbs, batteries, etc.

Transparent bill management

When you co-own a home, it’s important to have a transparent and centralized system of billing. Suomma makes this very simple. For each home, we create an annual budget that includes all the operating expenses, such as utilities, maintenance, repair reserves, property taxes and management. We then divide the total into 12 monthly payments which owners pay pro rata, based on the number of shares owned. Those funds go into the home’s LLC account, and we take care of paying all the bills. 

You can find the estimated monthly expenses for any available Suomma home through the listing page. 

Customer success support

Our relationship doesn’t end with your purchase. You’ll have a dedicated Home Manager to support you before, during or after your holidays. We provide direct property management so owners don’t have to worry about finding service providers or scheduling repairs. 

We also check in with owners to see if their needs are being met and provide an opportunity for feedback. Our number one priority is ensuring Suomma´s owners have a delightful experience at their second homes.

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