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Holiday ready homes in 2022‍‍

Our mission is to help families find amazing homes without the mind-bending stress that typically comes with buying and refurbishing holiday homes. The process of finding Suomma´s, homes which are renovated and decorated with high standards, is extremely smooth for all properties to be ready for use. This is why Suomma´s customers see great value in joining the current co-ownership to escape in 2022!

Demand for second homes continues to surge

With demand skyrocketing and supply staying level, there has been a significant uptick in median sale prices in vacation destinations as the most heated housing markets, with year-over-year increases ranging from 7% to 33%. Homes in those locations sold for as much as 57% over the listing price. Experts also reported a 60% increase in searches for second homes in 2021. As such, many families recognise the opportunity to better their lifestyle and have decided to take the leap to buy their dream homes in 2021.

Experts also expect prices in sought after markets for second homes to continue to rise as soon as people can start arranging viewing trips. As the demands increase, individual buying power begins to be squeezed, making it tougher to enter the second home market, especially within their initial budget.

The exclusive Suomma´s concept offers many families a better way to own holiday homes in high demand markets by increasing their purchasing power through a unique co-ownership model. This allows families to own multiple second homes in different destinations worth so much more than their initial purchase price.

By joining a Suomma, not only does your money go even further as you multiply your buying power but with your investment you’re also in the hands of professionals who ensure to get the best deals than any untrained buyers when it comes to searching, acquiring, your holiday homes. 

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