Benefits of fractional ownership of second homes 

  • It’s real ownership. Unlike a timeshare or a membership in a fractional vacation club, a fractional ownership arrangement gives you all the rights and privileges that come with real estate ownership. This includes (but is not limited to) earned equity in the home, the right to sell, and free use of the property according to your share.
  • It cuts the purchase price. Rather than shouldering the full cost of a home, fractional ownership of second homes lets you cut that cost in half – or even more. This can greatly increase your buying power and help you get more home for less money, bringing your dream home within your reach. 
  • It increases purchase opportunities. If you have good credit but not a lot of cash for a down payment, joint property ownership agreement might be the perfect way for both of you to secure ownership in a second home. 
  • It saves on expenses. The cost of a home doesn’t end with the purchase price. Insurance, taxes, maintenance, utilities, plus having one or more joint owners to share costs can significantly lighten your financial load.
  • It relieves maintenance burdens.Have you ever wished there were two of you so one of you could meet the plumber while the other was at work. Fractional ownership lets you share the less-than-fun tasks of home ownership and maintenance with your co-owners. 
  • It keeps the house in use. When a second home stays occupied regularly, it prevents maintenance issues that arise from neglect. With fractional ownership of a property, someone is more likely to be around to notice when there’s a leak or a crack.
  1. It lets you pay for what you’ll use. Suomma´s model keeps you from paying full price for something you’re only using part time. 

It offers a consistent vacation experience. Rather than stressing to find open dates in a rental with good reviews or stuffing yourself and your luggage into a small hotel room, fractional ownership in a second home gives you the freedom for last-minute trip

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